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is an industry leader, with innovative new technologies & consumer friendly pricing.

Our multiple-use shelters offer the best alternative to conventional structures, and in many ways, are a superior choice when you consider their Low Costs, Portability, Quick Delivery and many other factors such as Exceptional Quality & Outstanding Service, etc..


Instant Protection from the

Sun, Snow, Rain, Hail, Sap, Acid Rain, Rust, Wind, Dirt, Bird Droppings & more!



Our shelters are designed to be assembled quickly & easily by inexperienced personnel & can usually be installed within hours, & ready for use! No waiting for contractors! No foundations, no concrete footers nor slabs are needed and our shelters are considered temporary shelter's and/or equipment.

garage kitsgarage kits

Adds years of life to your property & investments.

ENTERPRISE RENT A CAR™ believes in our portable garages & temporary small buildings. That's why you see this low cost portable garage kit (house style) being used as a car wash detailing center.

This instant car wash garage kit comes with 2 FREE garage doors, FREE duckbill or auger anchors, FREE warrantee and is completely relocatable (easy to move). Inexpensive, also available in a round style, build this fabric cover GALVANIZED STRUCTURAL STEEL TUBING supported car wash detailing shelter. It comes with easy to build plans & directions.

You and your car (new, used, classic or antique) will be protected from all harmful elements. Also, converts to a paint booth, work shop garage, party-event tent or canopy in case of foul weather or just protection from the Sun's harmful ultra violet rays. Start your own car wash detailing business with our portable & temporary garage building shelter kits. 100% Waterproof, FIRE RATED,Mold, Mildew, Cold-crack Resistant, "RIP STOP FABRIC" UV Treated Protection and Safe!




Our covers are Ultra Violet Ray Treated thus helping to keep the interior of our shelter's cooler. Our Vinyl Covers have been cold-crack tested & withstands severe temperatures & our "Rip Stop" Reinforced Fabrics have a 20-25 year life expectancy.

garage kits

To see photos of this shelter used 4 different ways!!!



"WE DON'T PLAY GAMES!"  "SAFETY"  IS OUR NAME.  "QUALITY" IS OUR MIDDLE NAME, ROUGH AND TOUGH AND HEAVY DUTY, WATCH OUT GANG WE'RE COMING THROUGH! Picture above of large three car commercialgrade construction site portable garage kit or portable shelters  for shelter protection is what you see. Nice!PORTABLE SHELTERS ARE COMING THOUGH! A maintenance shop portable garage, an auto body shop portable garage , truck spray booth portable garage, a carport portable garage, even a collision repair shop portable garage kit is available at low cost affordable prices two free doors. As a hobby boat repair shop portable garage, clear span fabric shelters kits are use as work site construction portable garages or we offer  just a plain workshop portable garage kit. We just cover it or shelter it. Protect yourself &  your valuable cargo/possessions. The portable garages we make are tension fabric clear span structures. Our safe instant portable garage kit acts as sun shade covers & carports too. Rhino shelters/shelter by mdm shelters/products are available well and  often on sale, AFFORDABLE INSTANT STRUCTURES are and investment. With a free warranty  from 2 to 15 years & super duper  easy to build and ez up and easy to follow instructions. Our ultra light portable garage-hangar kits, & or machine workshop small temporary building/buildings are made with love & affection too. Gavanized steel tubing Galvanized included.  "IF YOU WILL IT............WE WILL BUILD IT"WE ARE

garage kits


Withstands Heavy Winds and Snow

Fast, Easy and Economical way to protect your investments!

garage kits


Mechanical Roll Up Door

Stops In Any Position

Fits All Manufactures Shelters

QUICK & EASY to Assemble!

Anchors Easily!

To Learn More About Our Anchoring Systems


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Industrial Shelters & Temporary Buildings

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